10th International Conference

10th Annual International Conference - International Christian University, July 18-19, 2015

Uneasy Street: Life, Work, and Precarity in a Globalized World


In recent years precarity has come to characterize life and work for growing segments of the world's population. In the developed world, a growing reliance on part-time and contract workers, the adoption of labor saving techniques, the outsourcing of manufacturing and service jobs abroad, and a fraying safety net have lowered living standards and given rise to higher levels of stress and anxiety. In the Global South, low wages, unemployment and underemployment, competition for land and resources, and environmental degradation threaten the livelihoods and wellbeing of broad swathes of humanity. Despite signs that the world economy is emerging from recession, individuals and communities across the globe remain consigned to life on "Uneasy Street," unable to secure stable employment or a living wage, access adequate healthcare, education, or social assistance, or realize their aspirations and innate potential.

How do the situations of populations under economic strain in different regions of the world compare or relate? What are the implications for individuals, communities, nations, and the world at large of increased precarity? How do vulnerable groups cope in the face of economic instability and uncertainty? What can be done to create a less precarious and more human-centricworld?

The conference organizing committee invite paper proposals seeking to answer these are other related questions concerning corporate dominance, precarity, and economic insecurity worldwide. Proposals should be between 150 to 200 words and include the paper's title and the author's name, affiliation, and contact information. A bio of 100 to 125 words describing the author's background, accomplishments and research interests should also accompany the proposal. Both proposals and bios should be written following the guidelines on the templates provided at: http://bit.ly/AAGSProposalTemplateand http://bit.ly/AAGSBioTemplate and sent to us. Applications should then be submitted as MS Word email attachments or Google Documents to conferencechair@aags.org.  Documents not using the templates or not following the specified format will not be accepted.
Please note that we can offer no travel support or funding to participants. Thus, please only submit a proposal if you are certain you will have your own financial means to attend the conference.

Extended Deadline for proposals: April 30, 2015
Notification of proposal result: May 5, 2015 or earlier,
Deadline for early bird registration payment (18,000 yen): June 1, 2015 
Deadline for presenters' registration payment: June 1, 2015
Deadline for attendees' registration payment (20,000 after June 1): July 15
[For information on how to submit fees click here.]
Deadline for refunds: July 1, 2015
Event: July 18-19, 2015

Access to ICU 

The nearest stations to ICU are Musashi Sakai or Mitaka, both on the JR Chuo Line. Musashi Sakai is closest but express trains don't stop there, Mitaka is a little further away and all trains stop there.  To get to these stations from the airport see below. 

New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport) -> [Narita Express] Shinjuku Station -> [JR Chuo Line] Musashi Sakai or Mitaka Station

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) -> [Tokyo Monorail] Hamamatsucho Station or [Keihin Kyuko Line] Shinagawa Station -> [JR Yamanote Line] or [JR Keihin Tohoku Line] Tokyo Station -> [JR Chuo Line] Musashi Sakai or Mitaka Station

If you are coming from inside Japan via Shinkansen then you'll arrive at Tokyo Station -> [JR Chuo Line] Musashi Sakai or Mitaka Station

For departure from elsewhere in Japan you'll probably arrive at Shinjuku station -> [JR Chuo Line] Musashi Sakai or Mitaka Station

From Musashi Sakai or Mitaka station the directions are below.

Exit Musashi Sakai station, South side exit, take bus #93 for ICU at No.2 bus stop (Terminus is inside campus). Approx. 12 - 15 mins and 220 yen. A taxi will cost around 1,000 - 1,500 yen - tell the driverKokusai Kuristokyo Daigaku bus rotary and they will know where to go.

Exit Mitaka station, South side exit, take bus #51 for ICU at No.2 bus stop (Terminus is inside campus) or taxi. Approx. 20 - 25 mins and 220 yen. A taxi will cost around 1,500 - 2,000 yen - tell the driver Kokusai Kuristokyo Daigaku bus rotary and they will know where to go. (Be careful as some 51 buses do not go to ICU so check that it says Kokusai Kuristokyo Daigaku on the front in kanji - 国際基督教大学)

At the bus terminus there is a map and there should be student helpers as ICU's Open Campus day is on Saturday 18th July, so you can ask any of them the way to Dialogue House. The directions are as follows - when you get off the bus head along the tree lined road towards the bush covered roundabout in front of the church (you will see the church in the distance) going further into ICU's campus and away from the other tree lined road the bus just came in on. Then go around the roundabout on the left and take the road that goes past the church with the church on your right, go straight on until you come to the end in front of a big building on the left with lots of glass. This is Dialogue House and we will be set up in the lobby in the 2nd floor. When you go into the building straight ahead is a cafe counter - the entrance to the lobby and stairs is via a corridor to the right of the cafe counter. Go along this corridor and you'll come to some glass doors at the back entrance - the stairs are just opposite this entrance. Photo directions are below.
Here is the bus stop at ICU from the Musashi Sakai bus.

And here is the Mitaka bus stop at ICU. From both of them go along this road below towards the church.

Then go to the left around the round about before the church and pass by the church (it'll be on your right as you go past), 

along this road,

and when you do you'll see this building ahead of you at the end of the road. This is Dialogue House.
Go up to it and enter the door here.
When you go in you'll see this - then turn right.
When you turn right you'll see this,
take the turning before the sign, and go along the corridor here,
then you'll see this below, 
go to the right and follow the corridor around to the main door 
and the stairs are on your left,

go up them to the 2nd floor and you'll see a corridor going to the main room,
and our reception desk is at the end of the corridor here,


ICU is in the Musashino area of west Tokyo. This is mainly a residential area and so there are very few hotels nearby. These are:
If you do book a hotel in this area Inokashira Koen is a very nice park with a small zoo and botanical garden as well as a boating pond.
However Shinjuku is only a 20 - 25 minute train ride from Musashi Sakai station and there are 100's of hotels to suit all budgets in Shinjuku. And Shinjuku is a really bustling part of Tokyo with lots to see and do and Shibuya and Harajuku are only 10 minutes away by train to the south.

Conference Schedule

We also have private access to the Hachiro Yuasa Museum at ICU for 30 minutes on the Saturday evening from 1735 - 1805 (it normally closes at 1600 but they are opening later just for us) a s part of our campus tour. Also there will be free wi fi access on campus all weekend for attendees for Apple users (OSX 10.8 onwards & iOS) those using Windows devices (XP, Vista, 7 & 8) but I have been told it is unlikely Android devices will be able to access it as our network doesn't support Android phones of ChromeBooks or Tablets.


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