Forthcoming Events - 11th Annual International Conference - The Philippines, Spring 2017 

AAGS 11th International Conference
11th Annual International Conference – Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University in Luzon, the Philippines, February 3-5, 2017
Education in a Globalizing Asia
It has long been recognized that education is a key to success. This is accepted by both individuals who want to improve their income potential, and by governments that want to develop their national economies. In this way, education has the power to transform lives for the better. However, what is education in the 21st century? Obviously, in its simplest sense, education is about acquiring skills and building knowledge. The key questions therefore are what skills are necessary, what knowledge is important, and who is best placed to decide such things? Education is a human right, and access to inclusive and quality education is a Sustainable Development Goal. However, achieving this is no small task, and societies across face considerable challenges. Are there any particular challenges the different societies of Asia are facing in terms of education? Are these challenges specific to different cultures and/or to different levels of socio-economic development?
The AAGS conference organizing committee invites paper proposals seeking to answer these and other related questions concerning any aspect of education in a globalizing Asia. Proposals should be between 150 to 200 words and include the paper's title and the author's name, affiliation, and contact information. A bio of 100 to 125 words describing the author's background, accomplishments and research interests should also accompany the proposal. Both proposals and bios should be written following the guidelines on the templates provided at: and and sent to us. Applications should then be submitted as MS Word email attachments or Google Documents to  Documents not using the templates or not following the specified format will not be accepted.
Please note that we can offer no travel support or funding to participants. Thus, please only submit a proposal if you are certain you will have your own financial means to attend the conference.
Deadline for proposals: November 20, 2016
Notification of proposal result: December 1, 2016
Deadline for early bird registration payment (18,000 yen): December 16, 2016
Deadline for presenters' registration payment: December 30, 2016
Deadline for attendees' registration payment (20,000 yen):January 15, 2017
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Deadline for refunds: January 20, 2017
Event: February 3-5, 2017