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Conference Report

posted Apr 8, 2014, 8:05 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 8, 2014, 9:05 PM ]
Last month we held our annual international conference at the Center for Global Studies @Shantou University in China. Due to the excellence organisation skills of the team at Shantou - Wuming, James, Angel, and also their keen student helpers - Amelie, Lynn, Jessica, Helen, Joy and Alex the conference was a success. I think it's no exaggeration to say everyone really enjoyed themselves, especially from the emails I received afterwards. Anyway we started off with an introduction by Professor Wuming Zhao, Director of Shantou University's Center of Global Studies,

 and then had our Keynote lecture by Professor Colin Sparks of Hong Kong Baptist University.
This was a good opening presentation and we ran over time given the volume of questions and discussions that sprang from his talk. AAGS Members can see the full set of photos in the AAGS Google+ Community but this post will have a few of them to give a flavour of the conference.

After Professor Sparks we had a number of interesting topics presented and this time we changed the set up for AAGS conferences. In the past we had concurrent streams of presentations and attendees chose the ones they wanted to attend. This year we had all presenters in one consecutive stream so all attendees saw all presentations. This meant each presenter had a larger audience and a greater range of questions and comments after the presentations and was such a success we may continue with this approach. After the first day's sessions were over we also managed a surprise birthday cake delivery for Professor Kelly Nicholson of Shantou University who had a birthday during the conference,

and the cake was enjoyed by all as we had more than one!

Then the ever helpful student guides took us on a tour of Shantou University's campus. I had seen it before when I attended a symposium on Global Studies in Nov 2012 but was keen to see more this time as it is a very large and beautiful campus. The library was of special interest as I didn't get to see it last time. It's a very impressive building,
and was visually stunning in the way it blended the traditional with the modern,
 and the AAGS visitors were impressed by it.

On day two we had another intro by Professor James McDougall of Shantou University (and our AAGS China Representative) to set us up for the 2nd day of presentations.

After another day of presentations we had our usual AGM conducted by myself, 

and received some good feedback for our next conference, tentatively being scheduled for Sophia University in Tokyo where our Director Derrick Nault teaches. And then it was the final group photo time.
All the photos in this post were taken by myself (Rab Paterson) and Lynn Gia Kwok from Shantou University.