Who can join AAGS?

Any individual interested in the aims of AAGS may apply for membership. In addition to lecturers, professors and researchers, AAGS welcomes graduate students, journalists, policymakers, and members of the general public.

Why should I become an AAGS member?

There are numerous benefits associated with joining AAGS. All members receive a minimum of one issue of the AAGS' newsletter and inclusion on our members' mailing list, which regularly updates members on AAGS-related events, activities, and promotions. They also are eligible for conference and event discounts, may present their work at AAGS events (only members may do so), may submit their works for possible publication in the newsletter and AAGS' official journal, the Asia Journal of Global Studies (only members may do so here as well), and may run for official positions in the association. They are also eligible for a 40% discount on the print version of the Asia Journal of Global Studies. Finally, joining AAGS makes it possible to be part of a growing and dynamic network of global studies professionals from all over Asia.

How much does it cost to join?

Most individual members join at our annual conference, where membership is included in the conference fee, the cost of which will vary from year to year (in 2013 it will be 18,000 yen). For those who would like to join without attending the conference, the fee is 2,500 yen per year.

How do I pay my membership fee if I am not attending the conference?

AAGS accepts all major credit cards. Individual memberships can be purchased here.(link coming soon)

Do you require any further information?

If so, please do not hesitate to contact us at